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Une Aventure de Jack Johnson (circa 1913)

According to at least one account, Carpentier played a part in another film at almost exactly the same time as Le Roman de Georges Carpentier (1913). The film in question, Une Aventure de Jack Johnson, while telling a fictional story, starred Jack Johnson as Jack Johnson and thus melded fact and fiction in a way that was comparable to Le Roman de Georges Carpentier. (Information about the specifics of this film is quite sketchy. The information cited here comes from Catalogue des films français de 1908 à 1918, published by the Cinémathèque Française.) In this instance, Carpentier was a supporting player rather than the headliner ; he appears to have played a fictional boxer, Grognet, whose bout with Johnson is the culmination of the film.[1]

1The name of Carpentier’s character, Grognet, was taken from a real boxer and proprietor of a boxing gym popular with African-American fighters in the years just prior to World War I (the legendary Sam MacVea trained and taught there). There is a photograph from the same period of Carpentier in training, wrestling Grognet. Return to text